Beware of toner pirates

A toner pirate will mislead you into thinking they are a local copier company by using a local business name, even ours!  They will target people in your business who don’t usually order supplies or who aren’t familiar with the office equipment. They will use several tactics to get information about your equipment like offering discount toner and claiming that the price of your toner is going to increase and encouraging you to stock up. In actuality these toner pirates will charge you up to ten times the normal price for your toner!

Remember that if you have a service contract your toner is included at no extra cost.

If the company calling you doesn’t already know the make and model of your equipment, be naturally curious and ask for their contact information. Chances are they’ll hang up at this point

If you get a call about your supplies that sounds suspicious, call us

If a shipment of overpriced toner is sent out to you, refuse the shipment