Pre-owned/ Remanufactured & Special Discounts

A cost effective & green solution

Refurbished Equipment

Our company’s products are hand selected from off-lease copiers and printers, short term rentals, bailiff repossessions and are in like-new condition. All the machines have been rigorously inspected, carefully tested, cleaned, and all wear and tear parts are replaced to ensure top performance

We offer a full one year warranty on all of our copiers. You can rest assured as to the long term quality and viability of the equipment you are purchasing

The carbon footprint of a rebuilt copier is practically zero.

A rebuilt copier is going to cost you 50 to 70 % less than a comparable new model. When you add in the one year warranty and the value of the 100% upgrade, the cost to you is even less.

We also offer a choice of demo and showroom models with low copy counts and deep discounts. Ask about weekly specials!